Semikah Textile Debut

We are so excited to announce the opening of the shop this week. Semikah Textiles started from a passion for culture, traveling and textiles. It was not too long ago that I talked about this venture thinking at the time it was all a pipe dream. Never in my mind did I see it actually coming to fruition. It took grit and determination. Starting a business comes with its difficulties, but the blessing of running my own interior design firm and starting a textile line has far surpassed the hard road to get here. As many of you creatives know, we can't be put in a box. We are sporadic, gutsy, impulsive and free. These character traits make my job possible. I have now come to see what I initially saw as a weakness to be a incredible strength. Managing a family of 6 comes with plenty of surprises. And God saw it fit to introduce my special daughter into the world 6 years ago with no life expectancy, only a lingering expectation of death. We waited a few years for her  to pass away. God has done nothing short of a miracle. My beautiful daughter Saraiah has down syndrome, cerebral palsy and hypo plastic left heart. There is no medical reason for her to be alive. Yet here she comes with its own set of challenges, but I say all this to show you that when life gets hard and you are handed these experiences that you can come out on the other side still with Hope. If you told me 6 years ago I would be running my own business and Moroccan Textile shop, I probably would have laughed. I am so glad we are only given just a peek into the next day. Think of all the anxiety we would have if we knew what the future held for us. All the hard and the easy and the fun and the work would not be nearly as enjoyed if we didn't take one day at a time. Thankfully that life lesson was learned back when I had my daughter and it has carried me through now as a adult running my own business. Now here I am, 35... I actually feel adultish now, which took quite some time. (Don't expect adultish behavior from me 24-7).

Today I announce the opening of my shop, Semikah Textiles and could not be more excited to show you what we have picked out for you all. We have plenty of surprises in the works. Very soon, we will regularly blog on all things interior, textiles, moroccan culture and history, home tours, and even the personal hard stuff that some of us hide because we want our lives to look perfect. So stay tuned for lots of blogging and feel free to email me any time if you want us to touch on a subject that you do not see here. We are open to suggestions....we want this to be a free place. Where we just talk about life, our hearts passion and we are as authentic as possible. There is so much in this blogging world that gives the perception of perfection. This will hopefully not be that place but a place for us to kick back and be real. Much love to you all! Cant wait to show you the winter line.