All about Beni Mguilds

I reached out to V a few months ago having known her for years and watching her start up with Semikah via social media (inset heart eye emoji). I’m a mom of two young little girls and a wife of a great guy and we are just in THAT season. So watching this lady hitting her creative sweet spot and letting the creativity flow into a passion in the midst of the others things on her plate, I needed to be a fly on the wall. Something in what she was doing spoke to a very happy place in my heart. I love beautiful things. I love making things beautiful. Bringing out the potential in things. 

So today - we talk about Beni’s. Because I have yet to see one that I don't think is gorgeous. You've at least seen them even if you don't know what they are called. They're hitting the online design subculture by storm. And they are rapidly becoming a main stream thing. But before you go out searching for a quick substitute, its worth your time to learn about the real things. 

Benis from the middle Atlas mountains are hand knotted with hand spun wool by the Berber women of Morocco. Their softness alone is enough to make any room in your house instantly cozier. Like you see it and you want to lay down and sprawl out- exactly what V and her friends were doing the first time I walked into her studio. Yes I joined in. They're delectably soft. For the Berber of the Beni tribes who made them, they were more functional in winter months serving as one of the main forms of warmth and insulation in their homes. 

I think one of the reasons I am drawn to this rug- whether its the Beni Ourains (which typically always come in cream and dyed black lines) or the Mguilds (that are full of color and beautiful shape and symbolism) is that they are perfectly imperfect. They're not always predictable. Their geometric shapes have such a perfect amount of variation that put you at ease when you look at them. They're relaxing to look at-often found in deep jewel tones, reds and pinks. And no true authentic Beni is the same as the next. Each hand made one has its own look and story. Its beautiful! Do you want one as bad as I do yet? 

Beni Mguilds could seem intimidating at first as far as design in your home goes because, as you see, they are colorful. Very colorful. But even if you lean towards neutrals in your home these rugs can work. Really work. I promise! 

Here are a few ideas to adding a Beni Mguild and all its gorgeousness to your home:

Make it the focal point. Its color- if you're not a pure boho style with all patterns and color all the time -can be the perfect balance to your neutral furniture. It will become a conversation piece! Which I love because I love different cultures and I love things that remind us that we are not the only great culture that exists in this world. 

Go modern. Whether its a mid-century modern piece or a contemporary modern piece of furniture (think acrylic). Those things always always work with one of these rugs. 

Use white. If you're like me, I need help incorporating color into my life. My home, my wardrobe..I am typically scared of it. But you cant go wrong with a Beni Mguild and a fresh white loveseat or sheepskin rug. For me its about balance. 

Flip it over. Yes. They're in most cases reversible. Who knew? Because of the unique way they are hand knotted the underside of a Beni is typically flat woven. It gives a whole other feel for warmer months of the year but still will show its amazing color and detail. 

Thats all for today. Stay tuned - We have lots of inspiration in the works for how you can integrate textiles into your life and more…

all photos property of Hamlet Interiors / third photo from bottom