Sourcing trip 3: "Getting Real"

We arrived home from sourcing trip 3 in November and have recently launched our third collection. The time it takes to travel, source, ship and list is more than most people see in our little squares on Instagram, so we have reserved this space on our blog to just "let it all out" and honestly we have very few complaints. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that this is our "job" but, like all small businesses we have to put in the daily grind to get a good outcome. When we initially launched the first collection we went into it with a bit of scared anticipation not knowing how it would be received. I can now say we are officially blown away. The outpouring of emails and happy clients has made all of our hard work worth it. When I get a email from a client showing me their space with their Moroccan rug, it is icing on the cake. Some of what you don't see or is not plainly obvious is the time we pour into getting to know the culture and the people of Morocco. We want to give credit where credit is due. This is not "our" art. We did not create it. The original authors of this art form have lived their lives and woven their stories into each piece. Some of them taking up to 5 months (3 hours a day) to weave. Each trip we take we are given the opportunity to dig deeper and build relationships with the Berber people. Our biggest hope is that we are able to share their story and not just create a platform where we are heard. Our goal each trip we take is to share more of their hearts and how their history is woven into each piece. That takes time! Learning over 17 tribes of culture and history will evolve each trip we take.  A few of you have asked how we give back. Are we fair trade? And how much of our profits go to the people. After a lot of heart searching we have decided because of our FAITH in Jesus that we want our giving to be done quietly. Following Matthew 6:3,4 (paraphrased) DO not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Let your giving be done in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

We realize in a culture where our giving is so exposed and public the reason behind our decision seems silly to some. I happen to follow many fair trade shops that give back very publicly that I adore and root for. But we have chosen to GIVE quietly. We have seen Gods hand all over this business. Each time we travel to Morocco we have been given favor in absolutely everything. SO for those that want to know if their purchase is giving back.....IT IS. We are deeply invested in the Moroccan people in so many ways. Many ways that we may someday share. But for now we continue to sow and to be responsible with what God has given us. In relationship and in deed and in generosity. We were given the privilege of meeting the Berber people on our last trip and spending time with them. We watched a woman work on her loom and we had tea and we cried. We cried at their generosity and the way they open their homes to complete strangers. It blessed us. For a little on that see some of the images that @carlaypage took below.