Tips and Life inside a Shoot

We have been on 4 sourcing trips since 2015 and have compiled a list of spots that we would highly recommend and some you would probably rather not stay in! We wanted to give those of you that have Morocco on the brain a little insiders view into Morocco and what we felt were the places that we felt the most at home in. For those of you that have never been to Morocco...most of the incredible places to stay in are inside the souk in Marrakesh and are called Riads. They are 3 story homes with a courtyard in the center. They usually have the most amazing plants, but the part that always sticks out the most to me on each trip is the hospitality. Below are the top 2 riads (in our book) that we have had the pleasure of staying in. One is very intricate in detail and every meal brought out to you is done with excellence. Each corner is curated with the things that mean the most to the homeowner. Below are some of our favorite corners in @riadjardinsecret And they also happen to be some of our favorite people.....Go check them out on Instagram or at

Each trip we attempt to stay in a different riad. We stumbled upon Riad Mena by happenstance, and knew immediately that it would make the perfect backdrop for shooting the fourth collection. If you are looking for calm and serene , this is your spot. It has been featured in many popular publications, and happily blends curated treasures from Morocco along with modern design. All rugs shown are coming to the shop.